August 02 2013

Coaches grading in Las Vegas

The Xtreme MMA coaches, Matt Stratton, Matthew & BJ Yeomen with Josey Reynolds are in Vegas training with Master Ricardo Cavalcanti from Carlson Gracie Las Vegas team. Click this post to see the video of them in action.


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    14 months ago

    How can the boys be grading in Vegas now when they were claiming and wearing their grades months ago?

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      14 months ago

      Hi thanks for your intrest in the gym. Matt & Ben Yeoman where blue belts before thay left for Vegas and head coach Matt Stratton was a purple. They where graded under Master Ricardo Cavalcanti 5th degree Black Belt under Grand Master Carlson Gracie snr. If you would like to come out and roll and test their ranking you’re more than welcome.

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